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Nathalie Jamault

Nathalie has recently moved to Kelowna from Ottawa, where she taught piano lessons for many years, from her home studio as well as in Music Schools and elementary schools. She enjoys teaching students of all ages, particularly those entering the preliminary and intermediate levels. Nathalie is looking forward to meeting parents expecting to engage their children in regular practice. She encourages the discipline required, with teaching methods integrating enthusiasm, dedication and passion for the art. Nathalie obtained her grade 8 piano from Conservatory Canada in 1990. She studied music at the University of Ottawa where she completed her undergraduate degree in 2015.



Nathalie obtained a Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certification, at the Rama Lotus Yoga Centre in Ottawa in 2015 .

The Iyengar discipline is a particular style of Hatha Yoga that emphasizes precision and alignment.   
Nathalie practiced this method at an early age, learning from her mother who taught such classes.  

She will be offering Basics and Beginner programs as of January 2020.


phone. 1.613.618.0890

email. Nathalie.Jamault@gmail.com