Being a 2nd generation enthusiastic teacher since 2013 and admiring everyone who attempts to learn an instrument, knowing how much music influenced my Life and others around me, I would be delighted to offer my services.

My Parents studied Piano and Conducting in Russia, Mom being an avid Soloist Singer across the Soviet Union. Upon their immigration to Germany they taught Piano and Theory in Music Schools and Privately. Involving us very early in music every possible way, they taught us in our early stages and then gave me off to other teachers among which was Joe Berarducci from the KCMS (Piano) and a Veteran Concert Master of the Hungarian Budapest Symphony Orchestra, Katharina Dubai (Violin).

Education & Artistry

  • ARCT Piano Performance

  • ARCT Music History, Harmony & Analysis

  • RCM Gr 8 Violin

  • Conducting Course in Sacred Choral Music

  • Since 2014 engaged in extensive conducting of Orchestras, Choirs, Small Chamber and Brass


  • Teaching Piano and Violin since 2013

    Instruction Offered

  • Piano (all ages & levels)

  • Violin (all ages, up to level 7)

  • RCM Theory, Harmony and History

  • A variety of Instruction possibilities available: (GOOD-SUCCESSFUL-FAST)

    1. GOOD education FAST won’t be SUCCESSFUL

    2. GOOD education SUCCESSFUL won’t be FAST

    3. SUCCESSFUL education FAST won’t be GOOD

  • Instruction available in English, German and (partially) Russian


My focus in teaching music is to engage the whole being of the student and not just theoretical playing.

“Music is created through active mental and physical work!”

“Music is patterns in sound expressing thoughts, images and feelings!”

“The finest instrument is the mind!”

Taking this as a premise and knowing that every student is a new potential, I’m interested in sharing the acquired skill of music with anyone that is willing to learn and succeed.

Please email me for lesson rates, availabilities and all other questions



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