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For many students, music is a labor of love. This experience is deeply familiar to Muireann, whose personal commitment to music has remained strong and unwavering even as their professional relationship with it has evolved.

Muireann commenced violin lessons at age 10 and immediately flourished. Choosing the path of a professional performer at age 15, Muireann's plans were derailed at 19 by a playing-related injury. Their subsequent hiatus and healing, which included restructuring their emotional and technical approach to the violin, transformed their understanding of music teaching as well.

This new understanding only bolstered an already strong commitment to building a people-focused classroom environment. Music is a vehicle for self-expression; so building a strong, open, and trusting relationship with the student is essential.

Their musical journey has swept Muireann from the hills of Skaha Bluffs to the busy metros of Montréal; from the shores of Lake Eerie to the halls of the University of Victoria. Among their adventures, there are a few personal highlights: the Art of Practising Institute in 2017, the Tafelmusik Baroque Summer Institute in 2019, and the OSO's 2022 program "The Sacred and the Profane" including three Edith Piaf songs.

Muireann is a faculty member at the West Kelowna Music School, and retains a position as an auxiliary violinist with the Okanagan Symphony Orchestra.


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