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Piano Teacher

Judith is very passionate about music, focusing mainly on piano. Her musical journey has made a significant difference in her life, which makes her wish that others would learn to appreciate music just as much! 


Judith grew up in a very musical family. Her parents loved music and her 4 older siblings all came to at least level 10 in RCM piano. 

She started piano lessons as an 8 year old with Loren Hiebert as her instructor. After 4 years of lessons with Loren, Judith moved to British Columbia and has been instructed by Joseph Berarducci since 2016. Currently Judith is preparing for the ARCT examinations. 


Judith has had masterclasses with Aljoso Jurinic, Paul Dykstra, and Jamie Parker. She has also competed in many festivals, winning trophies and awards. 


Judith has lots of experience accompanying choirs, orchestras, ensembles, and soloists. She loves using what she has learned to serve in her Christian community.


Piano Note
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