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Michelle demonstrated a love of music at a very early age, and because of this she began formal piano lessons by the age of seven. She is an RCM (Royal Conservatory of Toronto) pedagogy apprentice, currently under the mentorship of Melodie Petersen.

Musical Experience

Michelle has consistently placed honours or higher in both theoretical and practical RCM examinations. She has performed as a soloist, accompanist and piano duet partner. She holds the position of organizer/leader in her local praise band, and has been involved in vocal groups from an early age.  For the upcoming 2019/2020 term, Michelle will be the accompanist for Vox Forte!  youth ensemble under the direction of Miriam Keith. Michelle has experience in music transcription and arranging, lead sheet reading, and basic improvisation.


Michelle has recently conducted and marked intermediate RCM mock exams under the supervision of her mentor.

Teaching Experience

In 2014 Michelle formally began teaching piano in a private studio setting. Her teaching experience covers a wide range of ages including young children, youth and adult beginners.


Michelle is familiar with a variety of teaching methods and offers various beginner and intermediate methods chosen specifically to suit the needs and goals of the individual student. She understands the great value and importance of teaching the fundamentals to entry-level students and does so with passion and enthusiasm. She prepares students for beginner and intermediate level RCM examinations.


Michelle is a resourceful and creative teacher in her classes, and enjoys devising new ways of making piano lessons fun!  She loves helping her students reach their musical goals while offering guidance and patience along the journey.


She is excited to become part of a growing community and music school (WKMS).

Phone. (250)826-7263



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