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Rachel Scuka


Lessons are 30, 45 or 60 minutes 

Phone. (250)469-0433


From a very young age, Rachel started learning the violin but did not enjoy the instrument. With the help of an artistic, creative and enthusiastic teacher, Rachel grew to love holding the beautiful wooden instrument in her hands and feel the music radiate from its polished strings. It is this same love for music that Rachel aims to install in each of her students, from ages 3-99, through a creative, fun and motivational music environment. 


Rachel has studied violin both locally and internationally. She has trained with Bev Martens and Susan Schaffer, as well as with the Julliard graduate Carla Trynchuk at Andrews University. Her name is known throughout the valley at various gala concerts for music festivals, at the Okanagan Symphony Youth Orchestra, as well as at the Okanagan Symphony Orchestra. Rachel also had the privilege of teaching Rosemary Thompson’s, OSO and OSYO conductor, daughter violin during her first few years of music training. 


Rachel’s passion is teaching music. She understands that violin is a physically demanding instrument to play, thus she focuses on creating a rich and beautiful tone through correct and proper posture and technique. She is there to support and encourage her students by developing an individual teaching approach, unique for each student. She usually begins her students by the Suzuki method with the Royal Conservatory Method to follow, but it able and willing to change the strategy to best suit the needs and wants of her students. If you want to play one of the most beautiful instruments in the world and feel the music as you play, come learn violin with Rachel at the West Kelowna Music School! 

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